your genes are
the key for
the right diet

If you know the blueprint of your body (its genetics) and what is good for you and what is not, you have the chance to eat perfectly!
The world's science, entrusted to medical professionals, helps to properly understand genetics.
From this we get tips on how to properly shape our environment, the center of our lives, and make it worth living for us!


The power of genes! applies to everyone! Each of us suffers from genetic defects. Genetic analyzes enlighten you and reflect the blueprint of your body. Find out more in our catalog of services or in our online shop!


Meal time! – Nutrition is the basis of our existence. Eating the right things, taking your time – this can be the formula that will make us successful food processors. You will find out what is good for you and what is not just about your knowledge of your genes!


Science means the constant exchange of experience, knowledge and knowledge and is constantly developing. It is a methodical process and a constant companion of the ZEM.WAY. Science is the motor and drive of the ZEM.WAY!


The quality of our life is shaped by our living environment. The relationships with our spouse or life partner, family, work colleagues, club members, neighbors, friends and people close to us influence our actions - mostly unconsciously!

About I had gout for 10 years. This metabolic disease was caused by the high-dose, incorrect intake of antihypertensive drugs. With ZEM.WAY's Gen.Test I knew I had to change my medication. Within a few weeks I no longer had gout and gained a whole new attitude towards life!

Mr. A. Marxer, Principality of Liechtenstein

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