Nutrition The snack from home (!) “Carssing, loving or praising words, handing over a lovingly selected gift, preparing your favorite dish – these are all ways of showing your child that you love them, that they are something very special for you. But what to do when this loved one is in kindergarten or school? How…

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Real men

Factory Factory For Real Men Clint Eastwood recently said of a friend about age and strength: "He let the old man in." What movie are you living in? In a B-movie where you never exhaust your possibilities? Or in an A movie? In the life of your parents, a person at 60 was already old. At…

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Joschi's endless hospitality

How a chef's table feels good in the mountains... Joschi and Natascha Walch: “Feeling good isn't just part of the holiday. but should extend throughout the year. It is a well-known fact that good food and drink keep body and soul together.” In search of a place in Austria where ZEM.WAY and the 4 B's can be felt in all their facets, we came across the Vorarlberg…

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Milk every day!

Why dairy products are good As if we hadn't already known! Food plays an essential role in our philosophy! Nutrition is the central pillar of the ZEM.WAY! Eating the right food in the right order makes all the difference. A genetic test enables everyone to have this right diet based on the individual blueprint of their body. About...

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The Cell Cycle

The adult human body consists of 40 to 50 trillion cells. An unimaginable number. Even more astounding is the precise nature of the process that produces these cells. With few exceptions, every cell in the body contains chromosomes with identical DNA. The cell cycle is the process that a cell goes through to produce two daughter cells. It is at…

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miracle man

Why the American President Matters Mr. William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton is still a few months in office as President of the United States when he enters a ceremonial room in the White House. Deliberately, he steps to the lectern, spreads his compressed lips, as he always does when things get important, and announces the numerous…

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Lose weight without fasting and dieting mania?

Overweight/obesity causes chronic inflammation in the body as the fat cells are damaged by the free fatty acids (this is called lipotoxicity). And this damage, in turn, leads to the activation of very specific molecules in the body called inflammasomes, which maintain inflammation throughout the body. The latest scientific work now shows that a diet reduces these inflammasomes…

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About us

The initiator and founder of ZEM.WAY in 2016 was Univ.-Doz. dr medical Nicolas binge Ph.D.
ZEM.WAY means to set off with ZEM and ZEM stands for ZEch Eumetry Mmedicine. During the foundation, Mr. Christian F. Albrecht & freelancers have been added and have since significantly shaped the path and the projects that have been put into practice.

Well-known scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, artists and public figures are now united under ZEM.WAY, live the EI of ZEM.WAY and are happy to pass this experience on to you!

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