The EI shows you yours
'Balance of Life':

How are you doing? Where do you stand?

The EI (Eumetric Index) is the ratio of the four "B"- Brain/Body/Bonding/Bbusiness!
We can determine this ratio at any time and it shows where we are in life!
Together with the (right) diet, the EI is the basis of our life.

Give each of their 4 B's a maximum of 10 points;
so max. 40 points!
Answer the statements with yes or no

and give one (1) point per YES:


I'm NOT nervous
I am happy
I'm not sad
I'm full of energy
I do NOT feel tired
I have a good sense of humor
I am completely calm
I'm happy with myself
I dream now and then
I have no insomnia


I have NO joint pain
i feel healthy
i am an athlete
I exercise 1 hour/day
I have NO muscle pain
I have NO back pain
I am NOT overweight
I do NOT have poor eyesight
I have healthy teeth
Heart & lungs don't hurt me


I live in partnership
i have children
Every relative likes me
i have hobbies
I annoy others
My living situation is ok
I do a lot in my free time
My work is really fun
Bosses/colleagues like me
My family has no worries


I have a good education
The working atmosphere is perfect
I like to work in a team
I bring my talents
The pay is reasonable
I have no debt
I am well insured (pension)
I'm very resilient
I like to learn and continue my education
I like to read a lot

your personal result

0 - 37 pointsPlease contact our experts and make an appointment!
37 - 40 pointsCONGRATULATIONS ! – Your 'Balance of Life' is real ZEM.WAY !

With less than 37 points, we recommend that you
to make an appointment with our doctors & specialists,
who will help you!


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