ZEM.WAY shows us people
like us without effort
into the physical and mental
Lot come!

The orientation of the ZEM.WAY always lies in the preservation and constant optimization of the four "B"- Brain/Body/Bonding/Bbusiness!
ZEM.WAY developed the EGG – Eumetric Index – it is verily the egg (speaking of Columbus…).

The EGG is a ratio that forward-thinking physicians use to determine clients and/or patients
whether they are correct or not! Provide the scientific data
our doctors, biologists & scientists under the team leadership of Univ.-Doz. dr medical Nicolas binge Ph.D.

The EGG stands on four pillars that need to be brought into balance:

– our common sense,
- our body,
– our healthy relationship with our (life/marriage) partner, close friends and work colleagues,
– our greatest possible financial freedom, which turns our thoughts into dreams …


A fundamental pillar of our EI is common sense! Clear thoughts enable sharp thinking! It's important to have a 'clear head' and to mentally look forward to a healthy life every day.


Our body is the engine for everything. It is important to keep him fit into old age: exercise, sport, fitness in any form! Our bodies need the right nutrition and the right conditions to function well.


Man's creation and invention never lead to solitude. We need other people to live a healthy life: relationships! Be it to your life partner, friend, circle of friends, work colleague or leisure organizer!


Being healthy means being independent. One of the 4 pillars of EI in the western world is financial independence. Without financial worries, the path to a healthy existence is much easier. That too is ZEM.WAY.

I rediscovered myself through the ZEM.WAY. Since then it's only been going up and I feel every day how good I'm actually doing and how healthy I can be!

dr JG Gmeiner, Germany

I felt bad after a severe Covid illness. I was vaccinated in the intensive care unit, had breathing problems and was constantly tired. I had no strength and bad lab results. With ZEM.WAY, even my family doctor was amazed at how not only the laboratory values ​​improved, but also how the physical condition normalized. Phenomenal!

Mr. B. Huemer, Austria

Our dad is 89 years old and has severely deteriorated both physically and mentally. He was dying earlier this year. Thanks to ZEM.WAY, our dad is back there like he was 3 years ago. He is doing much better physically and can even walk again. For all of us it is like a miracle!

The Sommerer family, Austria

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